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Iron Maiden

Years Active: 
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By De-fexxx666 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


Released: 1980
Released: 1981
Released: 1982
Released: 1983
Released: 1984
Released: 1986
Released: 1988
Released: 1990
Released: 1992
Released: 1995


Event Date Venue City Region Country
Scorpions 07/10/1982 Kansas City Memorial Hall Kansas City Kansas USA
Scorpions 07/11/1982 Des Moines Veterans Memorial Auditorium Des Moines Iowa USA
The Summer Strut 07/17/1982 Anaheim Stadium Anaheim California USA
Day on the Green #2 07/18/1982 Oakland Coliseum Oakland California USA
Scorpions 07/20/1982 Victoria Memorial Arena Victoria British Columbia Canada
Scorpions 07/21/1982 Pacific Coliseum Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Scorpions 07/23/1982 Kinsmen Field House Edmonton Alberta Canada
Scorpions 07/25/1982 Max Bell Arena Calgary Alberta Canada
Scorpions 07/26/1982 Regina Agridome Regina Saskatchewan Canada
Scorpions 07/27/1982 Winnipeg Arena Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
Scorpions 07/30/1982 Met Center Bloomington Minnesota USA
Scorpions 07/31/1982 Prairie Capital Convention Center Springfield Illinois USA
Scorpions 08/01/1982 Indiana Convention Center Indianapolis Indiana USA
Scorpions 08/03/1982 Richfield Coliseum Richfield Ohio USA
Scorpions 08/04/1982 Ohio Center Columbus Ohio USA
ChicagoFest 1982 08/05/1982 Navy Pier Chicago Illinois USA
Scorpions 08/13/1982 The Summit Houston Texas USA
Scorpions 08/14/1982 Reunion Arena Dallas Texas USA
Scorpions 08/17/1982 Ector County Coliseum Odessa Texas USA
Scorpions 08/18/1982 El Paso County Coliseum El Paso Texas USA
Scorpions 08/20/1982 Tingley Coliseum Albuquerque New Mexico USA
Scorpions 09/01/1982 Long Beach Arena Long Beach California USA
Scorpions 09/04/1982 Oakland Coliseum Arena Oakland California USA
Scorpions 09/05/1982 Mackay Stadium Reno Nevada USA
Scorpions 09/09/1982 Spokane Coliseum Spokane Washington USA