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Iron Maiden

Years Active: 
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By De-fexxx666 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


Released: 1980
Released: 1981
Released: 1982
Released: 1983
Released: 1984
Released: 1986
Released: 1988
Released: 1990
Released: 1992
Released: 1995


Event Date Venue City Region Country
Iron Maiden 08/16/1983 Pittsburgh Civic Arena Pittsburgh Pennsylvania USA
Iron Maiden 08/18/1983 Allentown Fairgrounds Grandstand Allentown Pennsylvania USA
Iron Maiden 08/19/1983 The Spectrum Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA
Iron Maiden 08/20/1983 Capital Centre Landover Maryland USA
Iron Maiden 08/26/1983 New Haven Coliseum New Haven Connecticut USA
Iron Maiden 08/27/1983 Cape Cod Coliseum South Yarmouth Massachusetts USA
Iron Maiden 08/29/1983 Cumberland County Civic Center Portland Maine USA
Iron Maiden 08/30/1983 Providence Civic Center Providence Rhode Island USA
Iron Maiden 08/31/1983 Mid-Hudson Civic Center Poughkeepsie New York USA
Iron Maiden 09/01/1983 Rochester War Memorial Rochester New York USA
Iron Maiden 09/06/1983 Montréal Forum Montréal Quebec Canada
Iron Maiden 09/10/1983 Toledo Sports Arena Toledo Ohio USA
Iron Maiden 09/11/1983 Lansing Civic Center Lansing Michigan USA
Iron Maiden 09/13/1983 Dane County Coliseum Madison Wisconsin USA
Iron Maiden 09/14/1983 Met Center Bloomington Minnesota USA
Iron Maiden 09/20/1983 Northlands Coliseum Edmonton Alberta Canada
Iron Maiden 10/01/1983 Cincinnati Gardens Cincinnati Ohio USA
Iron Maiden 10/02/1983 Ohio Center Columbus Ohio USA
Iron Maiden 10/09/1983 Norfolk Scope Norfolk Virginia USA
Iron Maiden 10/12/1983 Carolina Coliseum Columbia South Carolina USA
Iron Maiden 10/14/1983 Hollywood Sportatorium Pembroke Pines Florida USA
Iron Maiden 10/16/1983 Lakeland Civic Center Lakeland Florida USA
Iron Maiden 10/18/1983 Freedom Hall - Johnson City Johnson City Tennessee USA
Iron Maiden 10/21/1983 The Omni Atlanta Georgia USA
Iron Maiden 10/24/1983 Kiel Auditorium St. Louis Missouri USA