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The Kinks

Years Active: 

The Kinks were an English rock band formed in Muswell Hill, North London, by brothers Ray and Dave Davies in 1964


Released: 1964
Released: 1965
Released: 1965
Released: 1966
Released: 1966
Released: 1967
Released: 1970
Released: 1971
Released: 1972
Released: 1973
Released: 1974
Released: 1975
Released: 1975
Released: 1977
Released: 1978
Released: 1979
Released: 1981


Eventsort descending Date Venue City Region Country
Grand Funk Railroad 06/19/1970 Port Chester Capitol Theatre Port Chester New York USA
Grand Funk Railroad 06/20/1970 Port Chester Capitol Theatre Port Chester New York USA
The Kinks 04/05/1977 Houston Music Hall Houston Texas USA
The Kinks 12/05/1970 Fillmore East NYC New York USA
The Kinks 04/05/1988 Cleveland Public Music Hall Cleveland Ohio USA
The Kinks 02/19/1985 ASU Activities Center Tempe Arizona USA
The Kinks 09/19/1981 Millet Hall Oxford Ohio USA
The Kinks 05/06/1983 The Forum Inglewood California USA
The Kinks 07/21/1979 Fox Theatre - Atlanta Atlanta Georgia USA
The Kinks 09/19/1980 Kansas City Memorial Hall Kansas City Kansas USA
The Kinks 04/08/1988 Riverside Theatre Milwaukee Wisconsin USA
The Kinks 10/25/1969 Boston Tea Party (2) Boston Massachusetts USA
The Kinks 02/13/1970 Boston Tea Party (2) Boston Massachusetts USA
The Kinks 10/05/1980 Portland Veterans Memorial Coliseum Portland Oregon USA
The Kinks 04/06/1977 Will Rogers Memorial Center Auditorium Fort Worth Texas USA
The Kinks 01/23/1979 Edinburgh Odeon Theatre Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland
The Kinks 04/19/1988 Berkeley Community Theatre Berkeley California USA
The Kinks 02/20/1985 Golden Hall San Diego California USA
The Kinks 09/13/1981 Met Center Bloomington Minnesota USA
The Kinks 05/07/1983 Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre Irvine California USA
The Kinks 07/24/1979 Asbury Park Convention Hall Asbury Park New Jersey USA
The Kinks 09/20/1980 Kiel Opera House St. Louis Missouri USA
The Kinks 12/15/1984 Providence Civic Center Providence Rhode Island USA
The Kinks 06/13/1978 State Theatre (MN) Minneapolis Minnesota USA
The Kinks 02/14/1970 Boston Tea Party (2) Boston Massachusetts USA