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NRBQ is an American rock band founded in 1967. It is known for its live performances, containing a high degree of spontaneity and levity, and blending rock, pop, jazz, blues and Tin Pan Alley styles. The abbreviation "NRBQ" stands for New Rhythm and Blues Quartet (originally Quintet), although a 1982 article in Creem magazine suggested a different meaning: "Nothing Really Beats Quality". They served as the unofficial "house band" for The Simpsons for the season 10-12 period in which NRBQ fan Mike Scully was head writer and executive producer, contributing several songs and even appearing in animated form as well as on camera during the end credits to perform the show's theme song during the episode "Take My Wife, Sleaze". They have also appeared in feature films, including 28 Days and Day Of The Dead. In 1985, the members of NRBQ all played zombies in George A. Romero's third "Dead" film, Day of the Dead.