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The Ramones

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The Ramones were an American rock band that formed in the New York City neighborhood of Forest Hills, Queens, in 1974. They are often cited as the first punk rock group. Despite achieving only limited commercial success, the band was a major influence on the punk rock movement both in the United States and the United Kingdom.


Released: 1976
Released: 1977
Released: 1977
Released: 1978
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Event Date Venue City Region Country
The Ramones 02/04/1978 Portland Paramount Theater Portland Oregon USA
The Ramones 02/08/1978 Dooley's Tempe Arizona USA
The Ramones 02/09/1978 Choo-Choo's Tucson Arizona USA
The Ramones 02/10/1978 Johnson Gymnasium Albuquerque New Mexico USA
The Ramones 02/17/1978 Armadillo World Headquarters Austin Texas USA
The Ramones 02/18/1978 Panther Hall Fort Worth Texas USA
The Ramones 02/24/1978 War Memorial Auditorium Nashville Tennessee USA
The Ramones 02/25/1978 Atlanta Municipal Auditorium Atlanta Georgia USA
The Ramones 03/02/1978 Great Southern Music Hall Orlando Florida USA
The Ramones 03/03/1978 Gusman Center Miami Florida USA
The Ramones 03/06/1978 Ricco's I Belleville Illinois USA
The Ramones 03/10/1978 Bogart's Cincinnati Ohio USA
The Ramones 03/17/1978 Painters Mill Star Theater Owings Mills Maryland USA
The Ramones 03/18/1978 Tower Theater Upper Darby Pennsylvania USA
The Ramones 03/21/1978 The Paradise Boston Massachusetts USA
The Ramones 03/22/1978 The Paradise Boston Massachusetts USA
The Ramones 03/24/1978 Calderone Concert Hall Hempstead New York USA
The Ramones 03/25/1978 Passaic Capitol Theatre Passaic New Jersey USA
The Ramones 04/20/1978 Penny Arcade Rochester New York USA
The Ramones 04/25/1978 Vogue Theatre Indianapolis Indiana USA
Johnny Blitz Benefit 05/04/1978 CBGB NYC New York USA
The Ramones 05/05/1978 El Casino Montréal Quebec Canada
The Ramones 05/06/1978 El Casino Montréal Quebec Canada
The Ramones 07/02/1978 TG's East Greenwood Lake New York USA
The Ramones 07/05/1978 My Father's Place Roslyn New York USA