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Mandrill is an American funk band formed in 1968. The band was formed by three brothers: Carlos Wilson (trombone, vocals), Lou Wilson (trumpet, vocals) and Ric Wilson (sax, vocals).

Sir Lord Baltimore

Sir Lord Baltimore is an American rock band from Brooklyn formed in 1968 by lead vocalist/drummer John Garner, guitarist Louis Dambra and bass player Gary Justin. They are notable for the fact that a 1971 review of their debut record, Kingdom Come, contained the first documented use of the term "heavy metal" to refer to a style of music. The group have been called "the godfathers of stoner rock."

Mickey Hart

Mickey Hart (born Michael Steven Hartman) is an American percussionist and musicologist. He is best known as one of the two drummers of the Grateful Dead. He was a member of the Dead from September 1967 to February 1971, and from October 1974 to August 1995. He and fellow Dead drummer Bill Kreutzmann earned the nickname "the rhythm devils".

Garland Jeffreys

Garland Jeffreys is an American singer and songwriter, transversing the musical genres of rock and roll, reggae, blues and soul.

Richard Supa

Richard Supa (born Richard Goodman) is an American songwriter and guitarist best known for his work with Aerosmith and Richie Sambora.

Eric Gale

Eric J. Gale was a leading American jazz and session guitarist.


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