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The Five Keys

The Five Keys was an American rhythm and blues vocal group that was instrumental in shaping the genre in the 1950s.

The Cadillacs

The Cadillacs were an American rock and roll and doo wop group from Harlem. The group was noted for their 1955 hit "Speedoo", which was instrumental in attracting White audiences to Black rock and roll performers.

The Coasters

The Coasters are an American rhythm and blues/rock and roll vocal group that had a string of hits in the late 1950s. Beginning with "Searchin'" and "Young Blood," their most memorable songs were written by the songwriting and producing team of Leiber and Stoller. Although the Coasters originated outside of mainstream doo wop, their records were so frequently imitated that they became an important part of the doo wop legacy through the 1960s.

Cheap Trick

Cheap Trick is an American rock band formed in 1973. Their biggest hits include "Surrender", "I Want You to Want Me", "The Flame" and "Dream Police".


Styx is an American rock band that became famous for its albums from the late 1970s and early 1980s. They are known for melding the style of prog-rock with the power of hard rock guitar, strong ballads and elements of American musical theater.


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