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Paisley Underground

The Three O'Clock

The Three O'Clock were a United States alternative rock group associated with the Los Angeles 1980s Paisley Underground scene. Lead singer and bassist Michael Quercio is credited with coining the term "Paisley Underground" to describe a subset of the 1980s L.A. music scene which included bands such as The Three O'Clock, Dream Syndicate, Rain Parade, Green on Red, and the Bangles.

The Bangles

The Bangles are an American all-female band that originated in the early 1980s, scoring several hit singles during the decade.

Green on Red

Green on Red were an American rock band, formed in the Tucson, Arizona punk scene, but based for most of its career in Los Angeles, California, where it was loosely associated with the Paisley Underground. Earlier records have the wide-screen psychedelic sound of first-wave desert rock, while later releases tended more towards traditional Country rock.

Dream Syndicate

The Dream Syndicate was an alternative rock band from LA.

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