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Rochester Castle

145 Stoke Newington High Street
Postal Code: 
N16 0NY


Event Date Featured Artist(s) Other Performers
The Wasps 01/13/1977 The Wasps
The Jam 03/31/1977 The Jam
The Jam 04/09/1977 The Jam
XTC 04/14/1977 XTC
The Only Ones 07/05/1977 The Only Ones
The Wasps 08/18/1977 The Wasps
XTC 08/23/1977 XTC
XTC 09/02/1977 XTC
The Wasps 09/13/1977 The Wasps
XTC 09/30/1977 XTC
XTC 10/01/1977 XTC
The Wasps 10/05/1977 The Wasps
The Radiators From Space 10/09/1977 The Radiators
Wire 10/10/1977 Wire
Wire 11/05/1977 Wire
The Bazoomis 11/14/1977 The Bazoomis
The Wasps 11/22/1977 The Wasps
X-Ray Spex 11/26/1977 X-Ray Spex
The Wasps 11/29/1977 The Wasps
The Lurkers 12/03/1977 The Lurkers The Doll
The Lurkers 12/09/1977 The Lurkers The Doll
The Rage 12/12/1977 The Rage
Penetration 12/16/1977 Penetration
Squeeze 12/17/1977 Squeeze
XTC 12/22/1977 XTC